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This system is one of our most popular lift mainly because of its affordability. Its also a very popular choice for dealerships that have been modifying vehicles for customers who want all the work performed by a dealer which speaks volumes to its quality and engineering. Our budget lift kit uses the poly coil spacers for the rear so the spring rate and ride quality is not changed in back. The front uses our exclusive strut spacers. These spacers do not go inside the struts, all lift is obtained outside the strut assembly. We've heard of other shops using thin steel, but if you punish your Liberty the way we do, you'll be happy for the overkill engineering behind our strut spacers. The strut spacer itself is built from two plates and a spacer setup. The bottom plate measures 3/8" thick and is double welded (top and bottom) to a 1/4" thick DOM spacer tube. The upper plate is 1/2" thick material! We guarantee our strut spacer for life. It cannot and will not ever fail! The strut spacer kit provides a 2.5" lift for the front end and does not change the ride quality or handling of the vehicle. The struts are as exactly the same as factory spec since the front coils are not compressed inside the strut assembly. You maintain full compression and extension of the front strut system, a great ride, and lift to clear nice-looking larger tires. Forget those silly mini-van tires they stick on our Jeeps from the dealership, this is the way a Jeep ought to look! The budget lift system comes with all hardware and mounting studs included. A great kit for the Do-it-yourselfer as no strut compression machines are needed. Jeep dealerships are already contacting us about this system and recognize it as perhaps THE kit in the industry for Liberty. We love it, and so will you!


Full front and rear 2.5" lift

Easy installation

Does not compress springs like other suspensions

Full factory alignment capable

Works for any year of Jeep Liberty

Product Details:
Product Weight: 21.0 pounds
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Web business powered by Amazon WebStore